The finished jersey

Take a look at our Sport Jersey. Looks pretty complicated doesn't it?

The template

Here's the design that created it. See how it seems simpler when it's broken down into flat panels?
Please bear in mind that although we'll design some graphics and colours to your brief, we can't go as far as designing logos and detailed illustrations.

If you're looking to reproduce graphics which already exist, you need to supply these as vector format files. If you need an explanation of what a vector file is, click here.

If you have an Adobe Illustrator File which doesn't show pixels when you zoom right in, you probably have a vector file. Contact us and we'll happily guide you.

For colour guides, we use the Pantone Number System. Give us your numbers and we'll make sure we aim for those. If colour is ultra-critical, send us a swatch so that we can do a detailed visual match for you.

click on the empty version of our template below to download an A4 PDF file that you can print and colour in. All this information will help us get to your finished artwork stage super-fast.

Your template to download

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