How it works

1. Place Order

Select you jersey and place an order. We will contact you to discuss the details of your order and give you a quote.

Once you have accepted our quote we will go ahead and create the jersey design and email you an image of the finished design.

2. Happy with design

If you are happy with the design you must pay a 50% deposit, which is refundable, and we will email you sample clothing of the jerseys for sizing purposes. The samples must be returned within the standard 14 days in order to refund your deposit should you decide not to go ahead with your order. Please make sure and thouroghly check your design is correct and let us know of any errors before we move into production.

3. Confirm order

Once the samples have been received back by us and you tell us that you are happy with the design and confirmed your order we will then move to production and proceed to produce the final jersey. We will retain the 50% deposit which will be subtracted from the total cost.

4. Finished jersey delivered

When your new jersey is ready you will be notified. You will then need to pay the outstanding balance before the jerseys are shipped to you. Once payment has been received your new jerseys will be shipped to the address you provided to us.